How To Choose Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

Choosing the color of the exterior paint of your house is not always easy. Several people find it difficult to visualize what their home will look like when they are painted, especially when considering a drastic change in the color of the paint. Also, choosing a color for the exterior paint of your home often involves the choice of several coordinating paint colors such as those needed for doors, shutters, and moldings.

Following are the instructions that will help you to choose a paint color for your home that you will like.

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1 Consider the number of paint colors that will be the choice. Modern houses sometimes have metal framed windows that do not require painting. But they will have eaves that can be painted in a color that contrasts with the coating. If you have window trim and blinds to be washed,

the number of colors you want to work with. Typically, the owners paint their exterior siding with one color, their exterior carpentry with a second color and their exterior shutters and doors with a third color. White or white is the most commonly used color for the exterior trim. It creates an attractive contrast appearance.

2 Choose paint colors coating and finishing paint that blends well with the brick instead of an elegant appearance. If your house is entirely brick, painters Novi MI suggests you choose a correction paint that mixes well with the mortar. Consider the color of the cover as well. Make sure that the exterior paint colors that you decide mix well with it as well.

3 Start shopping for paint colors. Stop by your local paint shop or home improvement center and pick up color pamphlets of the exterior paint. Many will include a combination of colors that look good together. They can often be divided between the traditional colors and the color options of modern painting.

4 Choose exterior paint colors of your home is to drive through your neighborhood and others and look for a house that is similar to yours and painted with paint of colors that you like. Use a colored cover to match the colors.

5 Use a software design program that allows you to download a photo of your home and experiment with color options. Some of the paint manufacturers have the purchased software, or for free that will do it for you.

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