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Guide To Select Exterior Paint Colors Of The House

The selection of exterior paint colors of your home is critical. You have to as much as the color and make sure it looks great. However, choosing the right colors can be a challenge, as it may have to combine sometimes contradictory objectives: The house has to fit in the environment, go well with the architecture of the house, and reflect the colors of the interior of the house — your home.

The surroundings

The environment should take into account when choosing the colors for the exterior of your house include the neighbors’ homes, the trees that grow nearby (it is one thing to have the palms, and another case is the maple trees) and the color of the lawn and the garden.

In essence, the colors you choose should be about the same brightness and tone as the surrounding. For example, if you live in what looks like a desert, colors can be light colors of “warm” colors, for example, yellow or red (pink).


The colors of the exterior of the house have to be in harmony with the colors of the surface. For example, if very bright colors dominate your interior, then the pale colors will not be great for the outside, as it will be too much contrast.

The use of color Cards

Ask your paint store to offer a palette of paint colors available outdoors. Usually, the colors are arranged in the right combinations, which suggests that the colors go well together. Imagine your house painted in those colors. Stand on the street and look at your home, imagining that it can be decorated with the colors of the palette.

Use a computer

You can take a picture of the outside of your house and use a computer to see how your home would look like painted in different colors. Import the image from the camera to the PC or laptop and “virtually” paint the walls and ceiling of the image in different colors. If colors look perfect on an image, you can print it and use it as a model of how your house should be painted.